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How to Order On-Line?

Ordering prints online is easy as 1-2-3. Just create a free account, so you can take advantage of our great quality and low prices on professional photo prints.

Once you create account with us it will take you only 3 easy steps to order photo prints:

  1. Upload your photos to our server.
  2. Select quantity and sizes of your prints.
  3. Pay with your credit card.

The registration couldn't be any easier. We don't ask any questions. Just your login name (which is the same as your E-mail address) and the password. Then, whenever you comebackto our site for more prints, you wouldn't have to upload the same photos again. You can just login at anytime and order more prints - instantly.

Have you ever open any file on your computer?? Well, uploading is as easy as opening a file. Just press the Browse button and select a photo on your computer, CD,Memory card or any other device. Then press another Browse button and select the another photo, and so on. After you selected all photos, just press the Upload button, and the pictureswould begin uploading to your personal gallery on our server.

Selection of quantity and sizes is easy as well. You will see the thumbnail view of your photos. Just type the quantity for each photo that you want to print, and select the size,and you are ready to go!

And finally, placing order is no different than any other online purchase. Just enter your address, the credit card number and press a button. That's it. Our system will rememberyour account information, so when you login the next time, you wouldn't have to type the same address. As long as address and the credit card is the same, you can completely skipthis step.