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Our Services

  • Professional photo print any sizes up to 20x30
  • Film processing B/W and Color negatives of 35mm and medium formats
  • Print from negatives, slides and any digital sources (.psd, .jpg, .tif, .bmp, and all professional RAW formats)
  • Print from films, or from files received by E-mail or uploaded via FTP to our server
  • Print on Fuji® professional paper
  • Digital retouching on Photoshop
  • Fine scanning any negatives, slides into high resolution file size up to 40 MB on Fuji Frontier™ and up to 96 MB on Lase Lab Polieletronica™
  • Our professional graphic designers can create any template for your Posters, Christmas Cards, Calendars, Thank You Cards with your photo inside (from wallet sizeand up to 20x30). We also compose collages and any digital images that would make your photo look more professional and artistic.
  • Burning CD or DVD with your photos
  • Reproduction
  • Mounting

Our commitment

We provide services mostly to the professional photographers. Our clientele consist of worlds famous photo-artists, advertisement agencies and publishing companies, as well as freelance photographers who specializes in weddings, family and corporate events and other photo occasions.

Our rates are very competitive for the service and quality we provide. The most important factor in our business is the quality of our prints, as well as the speed of the service and your complete satisfaction.

Every single print that we produce, we treat as it would be the most important job in our business career, therefore WE DO NOT USE ANY AUTOMATION. All prints are printed in custom mode, so we can achieve the best possible quality - that is our commitment to You!

Our professional staff print every negative or image file in the manual mode, so they are able to perform (if necessary) color correction and adjust other parameters, such as cropping, brightness and so on.

And finally, we don't print photos which has been shot accidentally such as part of the leg, blank frames, etc., so we save your money by not charging you for unwanted pictures.

Our Equipment

  • Fuji Frontier 570 (Japan)
  • Fuji Frontier 370 (Japan)
  • Laser Lab Polieletronica (Italy)
  • Fuji PicPro software on Lab Server allow as to perform precise printing just the way we intended to do, for greater control and exact crisp color reproduction